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June 25: You can view a video conversation about prairie strips, courtesy of the Sand County Foundation. Iowa State University also offers extensive information on the subject. June 23-24: Sessions on stress were included at the last UMASH Online Expo. One presentation was by Rich Tunell of the Lake Superior Community Health Center in Minnesota, and another session featured Monica McConkey, a farm stress counselor in Minnesota. To watch Tunell’s presentation, visit the Expo website, click on the schedule tab for Thursday, and scroll down to 11am. For the session with McConkey, click on the Wednesday tab and also scroll down to 11am. June 22: Kansas State University agricultural policy specialist Jenny Ifft (and others) analyzed data from a U.S. Department of Agriculture survey of 30,000 farms to determine how energy income is used by farmers. June 21: Ron Mardesen is a fifth generation family farmer at A-Frame Acres near Elliot, Iowa, raising hogs for Niman Ranch. He was a featured panelist in a webinar in early June put on by Food Tank that discussed “superbugs”--antibiotic-resistant microbes. June 17-18: The nonprofit organization, Food Tank, featured Dana Gunders of ReFED in a Food Talk podcast discussing a perceived slowdown in the rate of food waste. That same Food Talk episode also included Doug O’Brien of the Global Foodbanking Network, who talked about public policies around the globe that hamper efforts to donate to food causes. June 15-16: The Renewable Fuels Association is observing its 40th anniversary. A podcast called The Ethanol Report is running some episodes profiling individuals who were involved in the organization and operation of the RFA over the years. June 14: The USDA’s Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) is undergoing some changes that include expanding the maximum number of acres that can be enrolled in the program and also offering incentives that have to do with climate change. June 11: In Episode 18 of the Groundwork podcast from Farm Policy Facts, Kevin Brinkley of the Plains Cotton Cooperative Association talked about the importance of infrastructure to American cotton growers. June 8-10: The Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City hosted a virtual symposium titled The Roots of Agricultural Productivity Growth recently. June 7: A new report from the Farm Journal Foundation suggests that farmers can help greatly to reduce the impact of climate change. June 4: Safe handling and application of pesticides was one of the sessions at the last UMASH Online Expo. The presentation was from Kerry Richards of the National Pesticide Safety Education Center and you can watch it here (scroll down to the 2-3pm sessions near the bottom of the page).