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June 30-July 1: During a recent Take Action Pest Week webinar, panelists talked about insect resistence problems in field crops. The United Soybean Board operates the Take Action website, where you can learn more about managing herbicide resistance, insect resistance, and fungicide resistance issues. June 29: National Milk Producers Federation SVP for Government Relations Paul Bleiberg comments on the onset of discussions about the next farm bill and how this year’s midterm elections and the redrawing of congressional district boundaries in much of the country will likely impact how that farm bill discussion proceeds. June 28: In the first part of the June 14 episode of the K-State (Kansas State University) radio program, Agriculture Today, Senior Economist Guy Allen with the International Grains program at K-State analyzes the global commodities markets based on the USDA’s World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates (WASDE) report. June 27: Thursday, June 30, is the deadline for farmers to sign up for the 2022 Census of Agriculture. Find out here if you need to register (farmers who participated in the 2017 census or who’ve participated in other USDA surveys should already be in the database). June 20-24: Anne Bikle and David Montgomery are the authors of a new book, What Your Food Ate, which makes the case for improving soil health. There are links on the authors’ website with options to buy the book from the publisher, from an independent bookseller, or from Amazon. (Farm to Fork gets no commission or revenue from any purchases made.) June 17: University of Wisconsin Extension operates a program called Discovery Farms which gathers water quality data from farmers across the state. The objective is to understand how various farm practices lead to improved water quality on agricultural operations. Amber Radatz, agricultural water quality program manager with the Discovery Farms project discussed it in a recent episode of the Dairy Stream podcast, co-produced by the Dairy Business Association and Edge Dairy Farmer Cooperative. June 15-16: The National AgrAbility Project sponsored a recent webinar titled Agrability--Veterans, Agriculture, and Stress. You can view a recording here. June 14: Renewable Fuels Association President/CEO Geoff Cooper says the ethanol industry is happy to see the Environmental Protection Agency finally releasing the 2021 and 2022 biofuel volumes under the Renewable Fuels Standard. You can listen to an interview with Cooper here (7:32). June 13: The Purdue University/CME Group Ag Economy Barometer for May showed the lowest level of farmer perceptions of the economy since April of 2020. June 9-10: Part of a webinar from Minnesota’s Agricultural Utilization Research Institute included information about a wastewater treatment facility operated by the city of St. Cloud, Minnesota, that involves recycling nutrients from the waste stream and turning them into fertilizer for nearby farm fields. June 7-8: A recent Farm Foundation Forum discussed green energy pitfalls and payouts on the farm.